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Goodbye Roma!


This article is 9 years old, it may be outdated or not relevant anymore! Comments and reactions might have been lost.

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Dear Rome, I know you are not missing me and I am not missing you. You may wonder why I made the decision to move to another city, well the truth is that I planned to go abroad to live and escape your life-style. Escape from the never-ending life style. When I’ve got 21 I realized that I would no longer be the “smart guy”, the “genius” or the “talented young guy” and I cannot stay in my “comfort zone”. I knew i have to change everything and grow up. Again. So I made a big decision 8 months ago: I started collecting money and waiting for the right moment and the right opportunity…

We are on a time bomb, Rome. You are not what I need now. You are the perfect city for people that are not willing to grow up. Your citizen has big dreams, but maybe someone has cursed you. So they easily get distractions when they are almost to achieve goals. You are my eternal city because it was not easy to get things done for me. I had this feeling.

When I was not thinking about collecting money, because I get used to that, and when I forgot that I planned to move abroad, because I was feeling so good with my friends and my clients, something more concrete and real bring me back to the reality. During my 21th birthday party I got my opportunity and a new mood. I got an unexpected opportunity to move to Copenhagen. I took that and I decided to escape and get away from you. Is the very first time in my life I feel really happy and “accomplished”. I achieved my goal: I found a great job in a cool startup with great people and great co-working space. I am really lucky.

My dear Roma, you have to understand that Copenhagen is different from you. Is better than you. If you are talented, young and really skilled, you will find a great job a great salary and a big opportunity. Nobody is using me or takes advantage of my time. Nobody is using my age. Nobody is promising me money. Nobody is talking behind about my projects. Nobody is smiling at me just because they want something back and everybody answers to email. Nonetheless, that is something that will change. You gave me the opportunity to learn and to know, you helped me by introducing me cool and interesting people: even if everyone has defects, I think I’ve met the most important people, and I am proud of what you gave to me: I great experiences inside a great community.

Roma, I am not missing you… The startup world in Copenhagen is not so big, but at the same time is more solid and people really care about important things. The city “works” and “rocks”, nobody is really complaining about the transport system, the internet connection, money, and services. Everything just works.

I hope to stay here for long time, and I want to create my new networks and my reputation in Copenhagen, because that is the thing I was really taking care when I was “with you”… and is the only thing I am really missing. However, as everybody knows, the world is still spinning around and we will never know what is gonna happen, and maybe I’ll be back under your ethereal spell. :)

But I don’t think so :P Goodbye Roma!



This article is 9 years old, it may be outdated or not relevant anymore! Comments and reactions might have been lost.