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Does Money mean Trust? [Spoiler: Yes]


This article is 9 years old, it may be outdated or not relevant anymore! Comments and reactions might have been lost.

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Finally, I moved my blog to wordpress.com. The reason is really simple: time. I have a blog that had been for years and years hosted on my own server. This helped me a lot, because is cheaper and it allows me to use custom plugin and design my own theme. But everything is fine until you get hacked! …and sadly I don’t have enough time to find a solution to this… by paying!

Shortly: I found that 2 months ago, exactly on the 5th of May, somebody injected some PHP code in my wordpress installation on my server. The way to fix this is to restore some backups and upgrade everything to the latest version… but I don’t have time for this. So I decided to spend 99$ and buy the WordPress.com Plan in order to have my old blog, in my old domain ( blog.setale.me ), with a horrible theme and the trust that wordpress.com will take care of the security of my thoughts.

I have a strange feeling of security when I pay that. Probably this feeling of security is caused by the trust I give when I pay those 99 dollars. I am not a psychologist, but I can say that maybe this is the base for some business models mostly in the share economy or every peer-to-peer business model…

If we think about the need of finding a place to stay during our vacations: I could be a guest and ask gently for a couch to sleep, or I can pay a hostel or a BnB. I had both experiences, both as guest and host.

First, I’ve been CouchSurfing in Copenhagen for few days and I wasn’t free to go back home or to leave the place when I want: I was a guest, but because I was an unknown guest I didn’t had the key of the room, shared with the host. When I moved to Copenhagen for working reasons, I decided to pay a BnB in order to have the security of a bed where I can sleep at the end of the day, without having the pain of disturbing the host when I have to get back home: I had the key because I was a paying-guest.

I think that this is the main difference between AirBnB and CouchSurfing, where the trust is given by money. In both cases I was really happy, because the hosts had been really nice and wonderful people, smiling and giving me help, but the trust I had been totally different. Because I pay, somebody should owe me something: trust.

I believe even because this happens every day at MinBilDinBil. People trust us because behind the payment, behind the money, there is the trust of the service, the trust of the support we give, the trust of the insurance and the trust of our big community of people that share they own car every day.

This is why I am paying 99$ to Wordpress.com, because I feel safe and I trust them: 99 dollars are enough to make my blog safer. Am I wrong?



This article is 9 years old, it may be outdated or not relevant anymore! Comments and reactions might have been lost.