During the last year my interests verted to security and privacy. I had time to explore and have fun with encryption and some protocols to strength the security and feel more safe from the bad guys, the annoying business, the stealing banks and the spying governments.

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/84454580@N00/8334340659/ I_am_Allan

I believe that there is a limit to security and privacy because in specific situations we may want others to know what happened. Emotions, like bad and good stories, usually are temporary, and the things that I care the most will vary in different moments of my life. So are the things that I want to keep safe and encrypted…

After encrypting all my important documents I have realized that there is a limit. I need the right level of encryption, not much or less. Enough security and enough privacy for the future.

What if something bad is happening to me to the point that I will not be able to access some important files, and the only help would come from these documents? What if somebody will hurt me and the only truth is encrypted and nobody will ever access these files?

These are vital questions I am asking my self. I don’t want a backdoor on my encryption tools, but at the same I want control over it, even if I am dead. My life is not so important, like a small ant. I don’t have really things to hide, so I just need to protect from who would use some sensible information to harm me, like the bad guys, the annoying business, the stealing banks and the spying governments. That’s why encryption is important.

I am guessing that soon smart contracts over the Bitcoin Blockchain will unlock this limit, so I don’t have to trust a lawyer or the intelligence of my relatives and friends in order to unlock what needed. For now, since these kind of contracts are not perfect yet, I will relay on a level of encryption that will allow only the smart people near me to my documents and bitcoins, only if I am dead.