Finally I have decided to ditch to start using Jekyll for my new personal blog. This decision was made after considering that the most of my blog posts are written in Italian. Only 2 years ago I have decided to write in English, to allow more people to easily read (access) my thoughts… and everybody knows that a not well-index blog with weird languages is not loved by google’s bots!

Joke aside, the main reasons that made me switch to Jekyll are:

  • Static files: No need to a PHP server to run Wordpress
  • No need for paying Even if I am happy that they are accepting bitcoin and cryptos, I realized that I don’t need their services
  • Full control: I have really full control on the content, allowing me to improve SEO and add my own scripts
  • Secure and HTTPS: I can sign everything with my OpenPGP keys and provide everything under a secure HTTPs connection
  • OpenSource and decentralize: I can easily publish the same content on the ZeroNet network to distribute it

It wasn’t really easy to switch from Wordpress to Jekyll, but the plugins available helped me a lot. I had only problems to adjust the images, the URLs, and the format: sometimes the bold/italic text was not imported correctly into markdown… but the manual work was totally worth it.

If you still want to read the blog posts in Italian, before 2014, you can still access it from my old blog here: