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Does Money mean Trust? [Spoiler: Yes]

On: 2014-07-28 - Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Finally, I moved my blog to wordpress.com. The reason is really simple: time. I have a blog that had been for years and years hosted on my own server. This helped me a lot, because is cheaper and it allows me to use custom plugin and design my own theme. But everything is fine until you get hacked! …and sadly I don’t have enough time to find a solution to this… by paying!

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Communication techniques for lovers.

On: 2014-05-18 - Reading Time: 5 Minutes

During the last months, I fell in love with different people. My real problem was that my mind was “acting like a child”, dividing work from loving affairs as two magnets with the same poles attract themselves (hint: they don’t). That’s good, but what happens if you bring “communication techniques” into love affairs? So I realized that, when I am in love, I was not that good in communicating as I am doing while working every day… then I decided to write down some suggestion about the “communication techniques for lovers”.

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Goodbye Roma!

On: 2014-04-03 - Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Dear Rome, I know you are not missing me and I am not missing you. You may wonder why I made the decision to move to another city, well the truth is that I planned to go abroad to live and escape your life-style. Escape from the never-ending life style. When I’ve got 21 I realized that I would no longer be the “smart guy”, the “genius” or the “talented young guy” and I cannot stay in my “comfort zone”. I knew i have to change everything and grow up. Again. So I made a big decision 8 months ago: I started collecting money and waiting for the right moment and the right opportunity…

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Where are all the previous blog posts?

On: 2014-04-02 - Reading Time: 0 Minutes

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering where my previous posts are. I have brought order in my blog, and I have found a better place for my Italian old posts. If you don’t speak italian, I have planned to “update” and translate some of these posts since I think that those are interesting. You may read it anyway at this address: http://koalalorenzo2014.wordpress.com Enjoy reading it!

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